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Building your own home gives you the freedom to select every single element and add any feature you’ve always wanted. If you’re not careful, you might make blunders along the way. Here are the 3 things to stay away from.

Not Being Realistic

Unfortunately, when it comes to bespoke homes, it can be simple for people to forget the reasoning. Keep in mind that costs can fluctuate, so be realistic about your budget. Be realistic about the timetable because homes don’t just appear overnight; a lot depends on the availability of many participants. Also, be realistic about what you can and cannot accomplish in a home because there are structural difficulties to take into account, as well as regulations and constraints set forth by the building code.

Picking the Wrong Materials

The greatest materials can be purchased for the lowest possible cost by new home builders. However, items like stone fireplaces, wood floors, and granite countertops may be pricey. You don’t want to be forced to continue with something you won’t enjoy in five years. Think about how frequently a material will be used, if it is likely to discolor, break, or require a lot of maintenance.

Choosing the Wrong New Home Builder

Selecting the incorrect new home builder is the biggest error you can make. Make sure your new house builder is responsive, available, and enthusiastic about your project because they will be in charge of everything. Examine their portfolio, read any reviews, and contact references. Additionally, you want to research constructors and compare them.

At Transblue, we have been in the business of transforming lifestyles through landscape construction for over 17 years. We love helping people and we love doing a World Class job for every one of our clients. We never cut corners and see every project through to the end, whether it’s landscaping, asphalt or snow services.

Our team of landscape architects and designers put your plans on paper to design a beautiful landscape. Our projects are cost effective and add beautification to your property, no matter the size.

Once the cost and plan is approved, our installation and construction team will provide you with a written time line and project schedule. At Transblue, we see your project through from concept to completion.

Our passion is to build beautiful projects and we believe in treating your home like ours. We truly care about your project and doing a great job for you. We listen, collaborate, and design. This enables us to turn your project and dream into a reality. Our goal is to always exceed expectations of our customers!

Transblue takes a holistic approach to your project. We believe that each project is a collaboration of your vision and our expertise. Our teams will guide you through the process and ensure you love what your are building and your dreams not only come true but become an investment that returns not only ROI but that brings family closer together! Projects are not just beautiful materials and designs, they are birthday parties, BBQ’s, anniversaries and relaxing afternoons!

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