Landscape Maintenance Training Series Part 5 – Turf Areas

OK, we know it’s been an interesting blog series, with more information than you ever thought you would want to know on beds, trees, and weed control, but remember the end target! We’re here to educate you with knowledge and tips to help you keep track of your landscaping. Like we mentioned on in Part 4, this series is great to refer back to. We even suggest giving it its own bookmark folder – Landscaping Quick Guide. Today we have a short one for you, so please enjoy this thrilling blog post on turf areas!


Landscape Maintenance Training Series Part 4 – Weed Control

No one likes weeds, so it’s a given that weed control is an essential part of any landscape maintenance plan. This week we’re covering the best methods for weed control in any area. You’ll never eradicate them completely, but you can make it look like you have.

Read on to find out what your landscaping team should be doing.

We know the details can be a bit dry, but it’s a quick guide you can refer back when you need to make sure the right maintenance plan is practiced at all your site locations.


Landscape Maintenance Training Series – Part 3

Today we’re continuing our Landscaping Training blog series with more advices about tree care. It may seem like something you wouldn’t need to worry about (that’s what my landscapers are for!), but it never hurts to know what the landscaping professionals you’ve hired should be doing to maintain your external facilities. We’re providing a quick guide, to give you insight and help you determine if the landscape management for your property is up to par. Check back each day during this series to find out what you need to know! We’ll have an index of the entire series, available on the final post.