Transblue offers the world’s most realistic synthetic turf and synthetic putting greens available in the market today. We are pleased to provide you with an unmatched, professional quality putting green or synthetic lawn for your home or place of business.

Synthetic lawn turf is a great alternative because unlike gravel or concrete surfaces, it can be played on like a real lawn. You don’t have to trade form for function; good synthetic turf looks great and requires no water and far less maintenance. 

Synthetic turf is aesthetically pleasing, and is both baby friendly and pet approved. Yep, even dogs love synthetic turf—and you’ll love their inability to dig it up or otherwise ruin its picturesque quality.

  • Synthetic turf offers a real feel and look
  • Conserves water and energy as it is self sufficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great for putting greens and driving ranges
  • Terrific for playground surfaces
  • Great for soccer, baseball, football, and school athletic fields
  • Works perfectly as pet turf for dog runs and play areas
  • Requires virtually no maintenance and no watering
  • No down time with reseeding or muddy fields
  • Improved safety and performance
  • No chemicals and fertilizers
  • Made from recyclable components


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What Makes Artificial Turf So Compelling to Install in Homes