Snow removal is important to us. It is not just because we are a snow removal company, but because it allows us to help our community. Snow removal goes beyond money; it can keep people safe. This is our goal and has always been our goal. It is woven into our culture, built into our values, practiced through service. Notice and do what is right. We strive to do the right thing every day—the need to help runs through our veins. Our business has the opportunity and responsibility to help those around us. 

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Community Responsibility

Our commitment to people is greater than our drive to make money. Supporting the value of community is a responsibility we take seriously at Transblue. In 2009, there was a sudden snowstorm that many organizations were not prepared for. When we were dispatched, we found ourselves spending the whole time helping people who were stuck. So many had slid and were stuck in ditches, completely incapacitated because of the snow. We could not continue without helping them. We found more value in helping our neighbors, our community than making money. This is a moral responsibility, one we take seriously. We ended up pulling out as many people as we could, taking up the whole day.

Christmas of 2016, early morning snow prevented a Jewish community center from opening. We dispatched a crew to plow the snow so they could stay open as well as keep their patrons safe, at no charge to them. We truly believe in the power of community and use snow and ice removal to bless our neighbors, families, and those around us who need a helping hand. Business is about being there for someone when they need it most. At Transblue, we service properties across the US, but snow removal allows us to bless those around us!

snow with out of focus cross

Providing needed plowing service is important and delivering it to local communities is a responsibility. We have always worked to make sure we are performing the best service to our clients, and the same goes for our communities. Food banks, churches, and other non-profits are integral parts of communities and deserve service. In 2017, the Mountlake Terrace food bank desperately needed plowing service in order to continue feeding families in need during the winter time. Providing it wasn’t even a question. We made sure to send trucks out there, at no cost, to take care of them. Businesses are more than the means to an end, they are an opportunity to support those who need it the most.

Employees of our snow removal company

Helping our community is not just about local communities; it is also about the community within our business. Being a snow removal company allows us to keep our staff year-round. In the winter, when construction gets slow, we can focus on snow removal. We can keep our staff year-round, never having to hire seasonal workers. Our employees are part of our community. Without them, the wheels wouldn’t turn, and we would never move forward. The knowledge they gain through the year is just as invaluable as they are. We don’t have to train people as often, and we create a team that trusts one another. Our employees trust us to keep them employed and taken care of all year. We take this trust seriously. Our responsibility to them is just as important as our responsibility to the local community food bank. 

Keeping our employees year-round and servicing the community are pillars of our business. Having fun is just a bonus. There is no question about it, plowing snow is fun! Playing in the snow for us is just as exciting as it was when we were kids. We appreciate the privilege we have in calling this a job. Not many can say they get paid to play in the snow. Snow never gets old; it just melts and comes back next year. 

Being a snow removal company is a big deal to us. A responsibility we take seriously. Providing excellent service, supporting our community, and taking care of our employees are all are simply what we do. It isn’t a second thought; it is built into the values of this company, it is Transblue.

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