Transblue is the leader of world class construction. Transblue designs and builds stunning landscape masterpieces that enhance your outdoor living space and increase your quality of life. These designs are not just projects – they are birthday parties, anniversaries, celebrations, and quality time you’re your family and friends.

This Street of Dreams project was performed in the heart of Seattle. This contemporary urban design built behind a large modern home with a very small back yard. Taking this little back yard and transforming it into a Seattle Urban Oasis was exactly what Transblue did.

Transblue removed approximately 100 yards of soil to enlarge the backyard space, so that all owners’ friends and family could enjoy the space simultaneously, without feeling confined or overcrowded.

After that Transblue installed two beautiful 45 foot retaining walls. The base wall was 4ft tall and the upper wall a perfect 2 feet in height. The upper wall was intentionally spaced for gorgeous landscape plantings to be installed in the bed space separating the two walls.

However, that was not the end of the transformation. The water feature was installed into the wall, and dropped into a custom-built patio, which was sunk into the ground 18 inches, providing a very tranquil, deep, private patio space. With water falling directly into the patio, this place became the perfect spot to escape the busy Seattle surroundings.

And to finalize transformation the space was surrounded by environmentally, pet and child friendly synthetic turf. The turf was of the highest quality and provides an outdoor living space that requires zero maintenance. The pavers where large 2ft by 2ft pavers that enhance the feel of the property and create an incredibly relaxing backyard space. Custom lighting was installed under each wall cap and in front of the waterfall to make this a perfect place to spend warm summer evenings. Fencing and colorful plantings were installed around the living space to create the perfect Seattle Urban Oasis. This back yard is perfect for relaxing with friends and family or entertaining guests for special events!

Our clients did not believe it was possible to gain so much space and build such an amazing living space to spend time with loved ones! This space was design to be used all year long, no matter what weather conditions come through Seattle! From design to installation, from conception to completion, the designers and installers expertly delivered the perfect solution to what was thought, an unusable, urban, Seattle backyard, and now is a wonderful backyard to relax and celebrate events! Transblue delivered and superseded their clients’ expectations with this incredible project!

Seattle Urban Oasis

Retaining wall, water feature, lights

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