Roofing Done Right

When this customer in the North Seattle area approached Transblue for a quote on his Project, it was apparent that he had a BIG problem. The retaining walls at the rear of his home were falling apart and the path to the lower part of his property was unusable. This not only made his wonderful property look unkempt and messy, but it also posed a safety issue for his children who used the path to navigate down the hillside to their swing set and the adjacent beach area. There was actually some concern that a severe rainy spell could cause the entire retaining wall structure to fail, resulting in the house falling off the cliff!

Transblue dedicated itself to this enormous Retaining Wall Project. It entailed the construction of:
– 5 retaining walls, 8 ft in total height per wall and 100 ft in

– A new garden and tree planting on each retaining wall terrace
– Stone steps allowing the family to meander through the retaining walls and garden
– A flagstone patio for entertaining and enjoying time with friends and family
– A renovated play space for the children
– A beautiful path to his private boat launch

In progress

This was an extraordinary project that added value, secured the town homes and brought safety and peace of mind to our customer.