Transblue has another new backyard renovation to showcase!

This project includes a new retaining wall, synthetic turf, and deck extension. Just take a look at this backyard’s beautiful transformation!

We start by digging into the old yard to prepare it for the deck extension and new recessed lawn area. This gives the backyard a fresh sense of drama; the deck doesn’t just bleed into the lawn, instead giving the homeowners a great view of the kids or pets as they play in the yard.

Backyard with no lawn     Backyard with no lawn

Once the yard is excavated, we moved on to extending the deck so it lines up with the fence. Now the owners have more room to entertain and no longer have to worry about children falling off into the gap between the fence and deck.

Deck extension

We added a new set of stairs to lead from the deck into the recessed garden.

New deck steps

Synthetic turf adds a great, timeless look to the backyard without adding a lot more maintenance. These stone steps also make the enclosed space feel more intimate.

Synthetic turf

The new retaining wall adds a bit of height for the garden, which can be filled with all kinds of plants.

new synthetic turf, retaining wall and deck

To find out more about our services available, contact your local Transblue franchise. Our team of seasoned experts will help you with your design preparations needs.


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