paver patios & Flagstone

Firepits and swimming pools are awesome, but without a nice place to sit they’re not complete. Transblue can help you to create a cozy, beautiful patio with a paver or flagstone pathway leading to it. There is nothing impossible for your backyard!  

A paved area is a man-made space that is strong for people to walk on or ride a vehicle on, or it could be for a public space or your home patio. Instead of a smooth paved area, you have the option to create a paved space with rock or stone that has a little more texture and interest to it.

Paved areas can be made with stone pieces that are shaped from the natural stone or composite materials that are processed from pieces.

Stone and Rock Materials

We offer large, small and thin varieties wide variety of paving options to fit the requirements of your space. Some of our specialty types, such as our  permeable pavers, have extra functions such as resisting slipping, preventing stains or helping direct runoff. 

At Transblue we can get just about any type of paving material you could think of. Whether you require stone pieces, man-made varieties or composite types, such as brick pavers, our expertise in paving ensures that you get the materials that will most benefit your property. 

Whatever kind of look or texture you have in mind for your property, Transblue ensures world class installation. 


When it comes to outdoor lanscaping design Flagstone gets brought up more than other materials. It’s versatile and beautiful, yet not everyone understands its value.

We’re here to educate the public on the virtues of flagstone. What can you use it for? What do most people like to do with it? Let’s find out.

What is Flagstone?

Flagstone isn’t just a boring old rock. Its naturally thin width makes it perfect for paving and stacking. It is a sedimentary rock that splits into thin layers along bedding planes, or layers of rock below the grass.

Flagstone is usually made of sandstone bound together by such minerals as silica, calcite, or iron ore. The colors of flagstone are derived from these binding agents. It is usually red, blue, or pale yellow-brown in color.  Now that we know what flagstone is, why is it so popular? Once you see all the ways you can use flagstone, you’ll see.

Uses for Flagstone

Flagstone is a flat stone, making it perfect as a paving stone. For the most part, flagstone is used to pave walkways, patios, driveways, and other low-key paving projects like steps. The flat nature of this stone also makes it perfect for stacking. You’ll see flagstone as part of stacked stone columns for fences and even used as grave headstones and facades.

For example, flagstone makes a great pathway. Pavers made of flagstone can be laid within inches from each other to create an aesthetically pleasing path, as in this DIY article. Check out these ideas on Houzz to get a feel for what you could do with flagstone on your own property. With its natural beauty and ergonomic texture, you’ll find it to be the perfect landscaping material.