Fall is here! Welcome crisp weather, sweaters, cozy blankets, and some warm fall drinks. After a summer of staying inside thanks to Covid 19, many of us are still itching for that outside time we didn’t get enough of. While many people decked out their back yard for summertime, how many have thought about creating an outdoor oasis for fall? The sun doesn’t need to be shining to spend time in your backyard. A few items and some fall decorating ideas for outside can totally change your backyard game, creating a vibe perfect for sipping cider with your cozy blanket while you roast marshmallows over a fire pit. After everything we have dealt with in 2020, we deserve it. Seriously. We do. So many of us have had a hard spring and summer. Missing out on our traditions, family, and friends can be hard. It is important for people to take care of themselves. Decorating your patio for fall is a simple thing you can do for a little joy in your life.  

So, we here at Transblue have created a fall starter kit. We hope to give you some outdoor fall decor ideas that can elevate your space. We curated a list of what we believe will give you that fall vibe so many are craving once September hits. 

Patio Furniture

Creating a fantastic fall outdoor space should start with furniture. Unless you want to hang out on the ground. No judgment here if that is your thing, more power to you! For many of us though, having furniture to sit on is important. There are three main types of furniture that you can get. Wicker, rattan, and metal. Each one has its own benefits, from maintenance to style. It’s important to find what is right for you. This is your space to relax and make sure you take the time to create the best one. 


When looking up fall patio ideas, wicker often comes up, and for good reason. Many choose wicker for its low maintenance and durability. Cleaning wicker is as simple as getting some soapy water and using a sponge to wipe it down. Many modern wicker furniture is made from PVC pipe, which means you don’t have to put your furniture away when the cold, rain, and snow hits. Being able to walk away from your patio set and not worry about anything more than maybe some pillows is highly enticing. Make sure to check what your set is made from. If it isn’t PVC or similar material, you will want to put it away.


While similar to wicker, rattan is another option commonly used. Many people get wicker and rattan mixed up or simply think they are the same thing. There is a difference. A lot of modern wicker is made from PVC pipe. The rest is created by weaving cane-like materials, creating a strong material. Rattan is usually made from the vines of trees. This makes rattan an eco-friendly choice. Since it is usually made from the vines, which grow back easily, no trees have to be chopped down. Unlike most modern wicker, you must make sure to put the furniture away in harsher weather. Leaving it out can cause mold and mildew. Rattan patio furniture should be used in locations with warmer falls and less rain. Despite its sensitivity to weather, rattan is still very durable. After a few years, you will want to check the structural integrity.


Metal patio furniture may not be low maintenance, it is the most durable and versatile of the three. There are many types of metal you can choose from. Some include aluminum, wrought iron, and stainless steel. Metal tends to give a much more modern feel. If you are looking for fall patio ideas, you have more choices with metal. It can come in multiple colors, shapes, and styles. While wicker and rattan may not be right for all outdoor fall decor, metal gives options to create the right feel. Metal patio furniture must also be put away during harsh weather. Obviously, it can cause rust, leading to holes and structural support. Having an outdoor cover will help with this. You may find you do not need to put any of the choices away. That choice is nice when you have metal since it was heavier to move. Though, aluminum is lighter than the other metal choices. 

Whichever type of patio furniture you choose, you should make sure it is right for your situation. Is the type of material right for your region? How willing are you to take care of the material? Does the style match your outdoor fall decor?

Wicker couch

metal couch

Keeping Warm

So, now you have your fall patio set. But we must remember, it is still fall. The air is crisp, and while many of us love that, it is still cold. A blanket is a practical and stylish way to keep your warm. There are multiple types of blankets you can choose from. It simply depends on your situation.

Water Proof

Are you looking for a blanket that can hold up to spills from your fall drinks? Can it hold up the weather you are sitting in a comfy chair or on the ground? Then you will probably want something more durable. Waterproof blankets are very popular. They are often used for camping. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of seating, or maybe you have some kids that are sitting on the ground? These blankets are often used as picnic type blankets.


If your fall days are not as cold as others, a simple throw might be right for you. Throws are great because they can often be used inside and outside without a second thought. You can quickly grab one and head outside. These tend to be less durable but also very soft!   


Want something durable but still want that versatile a throw gives you? Try a wool blanket. They will give you warmth but can also be used inside. The wool is much more durable than a throw. The fabric is thicker, keeping you warm, and is something that will hold up against your kid who may like to climb all over. The wool blanket is kind of like goldilocks. Waterproof too utilitarian for you, but you are afraid a throw won’t hold up? The wool blanket might be just right.

Plaid throw blanket

white and black waterproof blanket

Apple Cider

granny smith apples and cinnamon sticks falling into a clear drink

Although it has dropped in popularity due to Pumpkin spiced lattes, Apple cider is one of the most iconic fall drinks. If you want to enjoy a cozy fall harvest free of caffeine, hot apple cider is the best way to go. Our delicious and straightforward office recipe should only cost you around $10-$15 dollars and should serve a family of five!

  1.  A bottle of Spiced Cider
  2.  Sweetened Dried orange slices
  3. Cinnamon sticks
  4. One diced granny smith apple (remove core)
  5. Pour the bottle of Spiced cider into a large pot
  6. Place diced apple, 3 cinnamon sticks, and 5 orange slices into cider
  7. Place the pot on the stove and set on medium heat
  8. Once the pot starts to boil, monitor for 10 minutes and then prepare to serve
  9. Pour into your favorite mugs. Feel free to add solid contents into glasses
  10. Optional: Garnish with whip cream!
  11. Enjoy next to the aforementioned cozy fire and under blankets!

Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love a fire pit? They keep you warm, you make s’ mores with them, and they look great. With so many choices of styles, you can easily find one that is right for you. You can easily find one that matches your outdoor fall decorations. Since a fire pit can be such a statement and gathering spot, you can always get the fire pit first and take inspiration from it. Using it for fall patio ideas. There are three main styles of fire pit that people use, each one creating their own feel.


A stacked fire pit is often used for a more rustic look. People also choose it because it can easily (usually) be built rather than brought in pre-made, which can cost more. This adds to the rustic look. Plus, you get to brag to everyone that you made it! Even if you cannot tell them in person right now, add it to your Instagram! Instagram jealousy!


If you are looking for a more modern look, a concrete fire pit might be a great option. Concrete fire pits tend to have more of a minimalistic look to them. They are stylistically clean. Because they are a relatively new trend you can find multiple shapes. It is far less traditional than a stacked fire pit. These fire pits are looking to fit a specific modern aesthetic. While a concrete fire pit may not scream fall to you, some people would disagree with you. The fall beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fall decorating ideas for your outside space can come from a variety of places. Obviously, they are durable and have a long life span, but they are often chosen for their look.


Steel is probably the most popular fire pit. Go to Google images and search “fire pit” the majority of what you will find is steel fire pits. The draw of these fire pits is the versatility of them. They come in so many different styles. You can even get one with animal cutouts! Who doesn’t love animals? While not as durable as the other choices, a steel fire pit is still very resistant. These will need protection in harsher weather. Luckily these tend to be lighter and can easily be moved. 

Stacked stone fire pit

Concrete square fire pit

Shade Structures

Fall is synonymous with falling leaves and brisk weather. However, rain is also very common during the fall months. A great way to keep rain from dampening your cozy fall mood is to install “shade structures.” You will have three main options that will depend on aesthetics, budget, and backyard layout.

pergola in the night with lights and curtains


Pergolas are a common choice for decks and patios that provide permanent shade and cover from the elements. They typically have an open roof and can be built from low-maintenance materials such as aluminum and PVC or wood, which require more care throughout their lifespan. Pergolas are very aesthetically pleasing; however, they usually don’t protect very well from heavy rain and snow. Since their primary purpose is shade, they are best enjoyed in sunny weather conditions and on clear, brisk nights.


Awnings are the most cost-effective and practical of the three choices. Awnings today come in a variety of very durable materials like vinyl, acrylic, and metal. Depending on the material and set-up, they can be assembled and disassembled, making them a non-permanent option as well. Although this is usually the cheapest option, not choosing the right materials for your climate will limit an awnings lifespan. 

Attached Patio Cover

Attached patio covers are the best permanent choice for patios and outdoor living space if price is not an issue. Their solid roof structure provides excellent shade and the most robust protection against the elements. They also look like a luxurious extension to the roof of homes. These types of installations require a design professional to make sure you meet structural code guidelines and/or HOA guidelines. Since they are attached to home structures, it is easy to walk out from your home to your cozy outdoor living space.


The last thing you need to really complete your outdoor fall dream is a dog! To be honest, everyone needs a dog. All dogs are good dogs, and that is just a fact. You can have the comfiest, most amazing, fall backyard, but it can always be better with a dog.  

Since the weather is going to be chilly, make sure you keep your very good dog warm and get them a sweater. Keep your dog warm and stylish.  

Are you not blessed with a dog? Adopt! Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing to do. You bring happiness into your home and give a caring home to an animal in need. 

Decorating for the fall can be a fun getaway from your troubles. Taking the time to focus on pumpkins and apple cider is sometimes a needed get away from the world. Take these ideas, make them yours, and create the perfect fall utopia. 

Need some help creating a space worthy of fall? Call Transblue and we will help bring your ideas to life.

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