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Multifamily Fencing

Fencing is essential for multifamily properties. Condo and apartment renters and owners often seek out living spaces with added privacy since multifamily properties have many families living in close proximity. Beautiful, functional fences appeal to those residents and make your property more secure, making good fencing a great investment.

Transblue offers a variety of styles and materials for multifamily fencing, giving you total control over the look and feel of your project. Our team of expert designers and contractors will work with you to design the right fencing solution for your multifamily property, offering the truly world-class service we’ve used to build our reputation and business.

Fencing Materials

With over 15 years in the general contracting business, we’ve built pretty much every style of fence you can imagine. From wood to iron, aluminum to vinyl, our team can handle any fencing project that comes our way.

Below, you’ll find some of the most common fencing materials and their uses. If you are seeking a material not listed here, no problem—contact us and we’ll work with you to design a fence that’s perfectly suited to your needs and those of your residents.


Aluminum is one of the most versatile fencing materials. Affordable and durable, aluminum can bring security and beauty to any outdoor space. Because it’s available in many styles and colors, it’s suitable for any exterior design approach as well as providing great security—and it’s environmentally friendly! Aluminum is strong and low-maintenance, balancing its higher up-front costs compared to wood with long-term stability, low-maintenance upkeep, and safety.




Wood is a common choice for fencing for a variety of reasons, two of the most important being its low cost and its versatility. Wood is easy to build a secure privacy fence without a huge investment, and can be easily painted or stained to match any outdoor aesthetic. As a biodegradable and natural material, wood is a popular eco-friendly fencing choice. Wood fencing is also well-suited to pretty much any setting, adding class and security to any property.


PVC fences are a durable, secure fencing option, particularly in mild climates, where there is less chance of expansion and contraction due to heat. They are extremely low-maintenance, with no need to paint or stain once they are installed, and regular cleaning with soap and water will prevent mildew or algae growth. PVC fences also come in a variety of styles, including ones manufactured to look like wood, making them a long-lasting alternative to materials that require more upkeep. Its light-weight panels are easy to install, making any necessary repairs a cinch.


Wrought Iron


Wrought iron fencing is one of the most popular materials for high-class beauty and security. Durable, low-maintenance, and beautiful, wrought iron fences add an element of elegance to any outdoor property without sacrificing security. This material is difficult to climb over and even more difficult to break through, making it a great choice for security fencing. Because wrought iron fencing is easily recycled for other purposes, it’s also an eco-friendly choice in the long run—there is less waste compared to disposal of many other fencing materials.

Chain Link

Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable options for fencing. Because chain link is galvanized, there is little chance of rusting over time, making it extremely low-maintenance. Though we typically think of the silver style of chain link fence, it can also be found in multiple colors or added to wood posts for a fresh and appealing look. This style also allows for security for children and pets without blocking the view. 




Vinyl fencing has many of the same benefits as PVC fencing—in fact, PVC is a type of vinyl. A vinyl fence is long-lasting, durable, and easily installed, making it an efficient and affordable choice for any outdoor application. Vinyl is easy to maintain, as it does not attract insects, doesn’t need repainting, and can be easily cleaned with nothing more sophisticated than a garden hose. Good for 20 to 30 years, vinyl fencing is a great option for beautiful exterior spaces with minimum upkeep.


Bamboo fencing is a natural, eco-friendly option for outdoor fencing. Naturally resistant to sun and rain damage, bamboo requires minimal repairs and upkeep, and replacement is simple. Bamboo is a cheaper material than many natural hardwoods, meaning it can given any outdoor space the luxurious appeal of hardwoods without the cost. It’s also available in multiple colors, including the natural yellow tone, which ages to a silver color with prolonged sun exposure, black, red, or yellow. 


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