Multifamily Decks

Decks are a mainstay of multifamily buildings like condos and apartments. For residents, they add an area for private outdoor entertaining and relaxation, making a multifamily property more appealing to potential purchasers. 

Transblue offers a variety of multifamily decking solutions for all kinds of properties. Our expert teams can install new decks, repair old ones, and seal and treat decks to last longer and better withstand the elements. 

No matter how big or small, we can handle your decking projects at apartment complexes, condo associations, and other multifamily residences. Learn more about the various decking services we provide below!

Decking Services

Transblue provides a full range of decking services, including installation, repair, and renovation. Our expert teams can tackle decking projects of any size and scope—below, you’ll find some of the common styles and materials we work with, but these are only a sampling of our services. If you have questions about our other decking capabilities, reach out to us to discuss your options.

Decking Materials

Multifamily resident decking comes in a variety of materials, with the most popular being elastomeric, Duradek, and cedar. Each material comes with its own benefits, which we’ll cover below!


An elastomeric deck is a deck of any material treated with an elastomeric coating. Though not technically a material, the elastomeric coating is the most popular choice for multifamily decking combined with any material, as it adds long-term weather- and waterproofing, durability, and even slip-resistance. Elastomeric coating can be used on virtually any decking material, but is best suited for concrete, wood, and metal, as natural expansion and contraction won’t result in cracking due to the coating’s elasticity. Even better, elastomeric coating can be reapplied over time, allowing you to repair chips and other damage without replacing the deck in its entirety.


Duradek is a particular brand of vinyl decking particularly popular because of its waterproofing and durability. Duradek also offers a variety of compatible products, including railings and floating deck systems. Typically lasting 15 to 20 years with regular upkeep, Duradek systems are a long-lasting decking choice that is easy to clean and repair.


Cedar is a popular choice for decking due to its natural sturdiness, including its resistance to rot, insects, and moisture. This material is also environmentally friendly, with a lower carbon footprint than many synthetic materials. Because cedar is free of pitch and resin, it is easier to stain and seal than many other woods, which gives the material a lot of flexibility in terms of color, as well as long-term viability. 


Composite decking consists of a man-made combination of recycled wood pulp and plastic. This combination is incredibly durable, giving composite decks a long lifespan that makes up for the higher initial cost. It’s also easy to maintain, very durable, and features diverse colors and wood-like patterns. Composite decks are a great choice for the long-term, frequent use often seen in multifamily properties. 

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood has been treated with a high-speed jet of water and preservatives, infusing the wood with agents that help the wood last longer and resist rot. It’s one of the cheapest materials available for decking, but doesn’t sacrifice durability for the lower price. In fact, pressure-treated wood is more resistant to scratches and dings than many other types of wood. It’s also easy to repair, as the inexpensive wood can simply be swapped out if damaged. Because it is natural wood—typically pine, a fast-growing wood that is easily replenished—it is also easy to stain and paint to suit whatever exterior style you’re looking for.


Redwood decks are visually striking, with their rich red color eye-catching in any setting. Natural redwood is also resistant to termites, and its ability to hold in water means it is less likely to crack, bow, and shrink with changes in weather. As a softer wood, it’s also remarkably easy to work with, though it may be more prone to dings or scratches. 

Tropical Hardwoods

Tropical hardwoods, as with most woods, boast beautiful natural colors that can be stained or painted to suit any outdoor aesthetic. However, tropical hardwoods have some important additional features, such as their ability to change in color with exposure to the sun—their aged look is highly sought after, though they can easily be stained if you prefer the bright, warm color of unweathered wood. Tropical hardwoods are also profoundly durable, lasting some 20 to 50 years with proper installation and care.


Aluminum decking might summon up images of shiny metal decking, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, aluminum is an environmentally friendly, durable, and versatile material that comes in multiple colors, typically white, gray, and tan. Aluminum, unlike wood and even composite, is not subject to natural processes like decay, making it one of the longest-lasting materials for decking. That longevity comes at a higher price, but for decks with lots of traffic that need to last a long time without replacement, aluminum is a great option.

Decking Services

Building a multifamily deck is only one of the services Transblue offers. Deck maintenance and upgrades are also part of our core services, as most decking materials require some upkeep and updating over time. Our services include all aspects of decking, including waterproofing, installation, and railings. 


No matter how waterproof the deck material is, you will still want a waterproofing system in place to prevent unnecessary damage to your deck. The Trex Rain Escape system is one of our most popular choices for directing rainwater and other water sources of water accumulation away from a deck’s surface, as it is easy to install, it can’t be seen from the deck’s surface or even from below the deck, and it is highly effective. Transblue can install Trex Rain Escape or other waterproofing systems to help prolong the life of your multifamily deck.


Railings can add both safety and beauty to your deck, but, like the deck itself, they need maintenance to maintain their structure and beauty. Transblue can repair, refinish, replace, and install railings of all kinds, including:

    • Clear glass
    • Cable
    • Aluminum
    • Cedar
    • Compost
    • and more!