Transblue builds beautiful outdoor living spaces with water feature, synthetic turf, checkerboard pavers, retaining wall, and LED lighting. We’d love to help you make your exterior design dreams come true! Look at this wonderful backyard transformation, step by step:

At the beginning of work, we clear the space. It doesn’t look like much during the process, but removing the existing plants and debris gives us a fresh start and all the room we need to create a luxurious outdoor living space.

During the process, we install retaining walls and fences. This keeps the backyard secure and functional, preventing soil erosion and creating a clean, structured view to the yard.


Once we’ve installed the retaining wall, we finish the concrete patio and install synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is an environmentally friendly alternative to grass, as it requires no watering and far less upkeep. It also looks great year round!

But synthetic turf doesn’t mean you can’t have real plants. One of our finishing steps is adding living greenery, which brings warmth and beauty to any backyard. We also installed a soothing water feature and warm lighting, which make this luxury backyard gorgeous and inviting. Who wouldn’t want to entertaining guests in this beautiful space?

Take a look at the finished product!

Transblue helps you.  make your ideal space come to life. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest colors and patterns, as well as the most fashionable light fixtures and functional furniture designs, to help you turn your backyard into your dream home. From design, budgeting, planning, and delivery, Transblue got it all covered for you.

Contact the nearest Transblue franchise today! We’d love to design you a unique and beautiful living space that you can call home.


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