A backyard patio with seating and a table under a pergola.

Having guests over for an evening outdoor dinner? Want to set a specific “ambiance” to your home garden? Outdoor landscape lighting gives more personality to any part of your home’s exterior! Many people are out working after hours and come back to a dark home and backyard, therefore backyard time is pushed to exclusively the weekend. Outdoor Landscape  lighting additions , transform your backyard into a usable space during the weekday evenings! Adding some light fixture to your backyard patio will create a  brand new living space on your property.  Some light fixture can even bring a calming sensation to your home, especially when coupled with water and fire features like fountains and fire pits.  You can redefine the purpose of your backyard as a center for entertaining your guests and family, by adding some accent light during that evening barbecue. 

A decorative light fixture.

Additional outdoor landscape lighting options

Installing a spotlight to showcase a sparkling fountain or a statue sets the focal point in your backyard, there are even spotlights designed for underwater use.

Artisan lights which are extremely popular today thanks to Instagram and interest posts, create a zen like ambiance  in the evening landscape. They can be used to light a pathway or illuminate a dining area, injecting your evening with whimsy and personality. 

Chinese lanterns string lights are fairly easy to install and are a sure way to light a patio or path. 

Piling rocks around a fixture is an easy and creative way to hide the light fixture during the day and night time. When the light turn on at night you can see the light peeking out behind the rocks, giving the stone a magical look.

To learn more about different products and installation contact Transblue today or check out the links below!

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