Nearly every single property owned, managed, or being developed has some sort of retaining wall structure. Modern retaining walls capture the beauty of the landscape and add an element of design not often see in older outdated properties. If your thinking of updating an exterior, these options are phenomenal, if your building a new location, again a great option, if you have new erosion, retention, or failing sub straights, these wall options are perfect for your properties, if interested in any of these options I would love to be a resource!

Modern Retaining Wall – Corten Steel and Gabions
Those with a modern or contemporary architectural style want their residential landscape design and patio to match. A boulder or concrete block retaining wall might get the job done, but it won’t match the architectural style of the home. Corten steel and Gabions are great elements to introduce into the landscape to achieve that contemporary look while still serving a purpose.
Corten steel is a type of metal that forms a rust-like appearance on the surface from natural weathering, but the metal’s strength isn’t compromised by corrosion like other metals. Because of this feature, it is widely used in construction, and the unique rusted appearance is a bonus for those who appreciate this aesthetic. Corten steel, also known as weathering steel has become a popular landscape material in desert landscapes, rock gardens, and modern properties.

A retaining wall made of metal, with grass growing on top.


Gabions are metal wire containers filled with stone. They are commonly used for erosion control and other civil engineering purposes. They’ve been adopted into designed landscapes as steps, retaining walls, terraces, and decorative posts or columns. Like corten steel, gabions have also become popular in desert landscapes, rock gardens, and modern properties.

A photo of a rock retaining wall with trees and grasses planted inside.


Both corten steel and gabions can be used for all sorts of architectural purposes, but retaining walls, terraces, and steps are a very common for residential landscapes. They aren’t necessarily less expensive, but they give a unique appearance in the landscape.
Corten steel can be wrapped around an existing wall whether it’s stone or concrete, or can be freestanding. The installation depends on the height, application, and load it would carry.

Gabions make great landscape walls both large or small. The size and construction of a gabion wall would depend on the height of the wall itself. If gabions are going to be used as a bench or step, some type of cap should be placed on top for a smooth and even surface.

The clean and simple design of a gabion or corten steel retaining wall fit in perfectly with a modern home and residential landscape. Because of this contemporary appearance, these materials make great alternatives to the typical landscape retaining wall.

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Taylor Hansen · December 10, 2020 at 8:36 am

It’s good to know that corten steel is used in construction and won’t corrode. My brother needs to get a steel retaining wall for his construction site with a modern property. He should find the right metal parts that can help with this retaining wall.

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