Flowers and Seasonal Color

  • Don’t think in one’s. A single plant can get lost. Think in multiples, or better yet odd numbers. This creates an eye catching and instant freshening of curb appeal.
  • Do think of curb appeal. The font yard is the first impression of your home and curb appeal. Money spent on curb appeal is always a good investment. The backyard is your private space and you can personalize it to your needs and desires.
  • Do have fun with color! While this still cost money, it won’t be a huge investment piece like a new patio or fire pit. Coleus is beautiful and colorful for shaded areas. Different colors of the same flower are a fun and easy way to change things up. Some bright colored flowers are Bougainvillea, Butterfly bush, Black eyed Susan, Gladiolus, Hollyhock, and Kerria just to name a few! Here’s a link for a full A-Z list of flowers. Get creative!flowers


  • Do invest your money into hardscape. This will be an investment to your home, lifestyle and will raise the overall home value. The cost recovery for hardscapes are all nearly 100% or higher. You can a look at the report here
  • Do your research about your home and specific needs. Will a retaining wall help create more yard space and help with drainage issues? Will a flagstone patio or outdoor firepit be used and appreciated? Would extending or adding on a patio be of a desire to your family? Would enclosing a current patio be a great investment to extend a year-round living space? Maybe paving and extending the current driveway would solve the third (or forth) car parking dilemma?
  • Do hire professional help. With a sizable investment, doing this right the first time will save you time and money.
  • DO CALL US for a no obligation consultation at 425-658-0098!

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Morgan Lane · August 27, 2020 at 10:31 am

Great post! I agree that the font yard is the first impression of your home and curb appeal.

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