Best Northwest plants, part 1

It is important to pick plants what will grow well in the environment, where you will plant them.

Since we live in Northwest, here is a list of stunning Northwest plants what will be a great addition to your garden:

First of all, lets take a look at Bugbane or cimicifuga – beautiful perennial, with long stems. Bugbane blooms in the summer with fragrant white flowers. It required little maintenance and usually reach up to 8 feet in height. Bugbane also attracts birds, so if you want more flying friends, it is a flower for you!

Next one is Blue Fortune (or Agastache) – is it super easy to grow, if you have enough sun in your yard. Blue Fortune blooms with little flowers from midsummer to fall. These tiny flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators with their licorice fragrance. Blue Fortune can have lavender, white, blue and yellow flowers, growing up to 8 feet tall.

One more plant to look at is a Frikart’s Aster. This flower is beautiful, with lavender colored petals, which normally blooms from July to October. Stems are usually 2-3-foot-tall . Stems are usually 2-3-foot-tall. The sun-loving flowers are so big and heavy, that stems might bend under the weight, especially under the rain, so good practice is to stake the plant, which worth the trouble.

One more plant worth mentioning is golden catalpa. Golden Catalpa is a small tree with heart-shaped leaves. The best thing about this plan is its colors. In a spring leaves get a touch of reg color, but then they turn to a golden-yellow color. This plant blooms with white flowers and can reach 15-18 feel tall. With a good drainage, this tree grows very well in most of the soils.

Dwarf Hinoki cypress is one more example of the Northwest garden plant. It is evergreen, slow growing and esthetic looking cypress. Normally it reaches 2-3 feet in height and be planted into the pot.

‘Gold Heart’ bleeding heart has such a romantic name for a reason. Regular bleeding heart has beautiful pink blossoms which do look like hearts. ‘Gold Heart’ variation has a beautiful golden foliage in addition to the  heart-shaped flowers, which bloom in April and May. Stems usually reach 2 feet in height.

Dove tree – one of the most beautiful flowering trees that you can have in a Northwest. This small tree came from China. In midspring flowers appears, but there is more to that. Flowers are hidden by two white bracts, which look like delicate handkerchiefs. This make this tree look gorgeous in a full bloom. Normally it grows up to 10-20 feet tall. Dove trees grow well in full sun or partial shade in moist, but well drained soil. Strong winds can harm the tree and its flowers, so highly windy places are not the best for them.