Asphalt Paving and Lot Striping


Transblue Facility Services is a leader in providing asphalt services to its commercial clients. Whether it is one site or multiple sites Transblue will provide you with a cost effective sustainable solution to your brands asphalt needs. We provide Asphalt services to multi-site commercial, retail, industrial and government facilities.

Transblue Facility Services is a seasoned asphalt provider with a focus on multisite commercial facilities. Our experience with alligatoring asphalt, old and wearing seal coat, pot holes, crack sealing, curbing, sidewalk replacement, resurfacing, new paving, soil conditions, seasonal changes, and regional conditions allows us to address each unique climate situation and project need as it arises.

Transblue Facility Services provides asphalt services such as, seal coating, paving, cutting, grinding, curbing, concrete, lot striping, pressure washing, lot sweeping and also snow removal services.

Paving and Repair


Asphalt Milling

Parking Lot Striping

Concrete Installation

Transblue Facility Services will assess your properties current condition, and provide a quote to patch, pave, restore, mill, seal or stripe your existing parking lot areas. We offer full service paving for new construction and existing asphalt parking lots. If the existing parking lot is cracking and settling, we offer a large variety of repair techniques. Our goal is to always provide the most effective asphalt repair to your brands. Our team of specialists will assess all the damage and create a comprehensive scope of work and cost guide that will allow your brand to make and educated budget spend that will allow your brand to save money on future parking lot repairs and problems.

We offer overlaying services for parking lots with damaged asphalt that needs to be overlaid, crack filled, seal coated, milled, or repaved. No matter what condition your parking lot is in let us provide you with a cost effective solution to your parking lot needs.


Infrared Asphalt Repair

The infrared asphalt repair process uses an infrared heating system to heat in-place asphalt to soften it to a workable state, then new asphalt is added which fuses seamlessly to the old asphalt. A very popular use of infrared repair is in pothole repair. As compared to the saw cut method, where the damaged asphalt is cut out and removed, filled with new asphalt and repaired, the infrared repair eliminates the seams that quickly ruin such patches due to cracking. The big advantage is the feathered joining of the new patch material to the surrounding pavement – no seams, no water infiltration. Saw cut seams permit rainfall to enter, which quickly introduces moisture and freeze/thaw damage into the patch causing alligatoring in the parking lot. Many cut and patch repairs have to be redone every year.

The actual process for pothole repair using a truck-mounted infrared pavement heater is:

  • Sweep and dry the area.
  • Position the infrared heating array over the pothole for seven to ten minutes.
  • Remove the heater and rake the softened (350 degree) asphalt.
  • Mix in a rejuvenator to replenish light oils that have oxidized away.
  • Add a small amount of fresh asphalt and grade it to level with a lute.
  • Use a vibratory roller to compact and fuse the patch with the surrounding pavement.
  • Patched area is ready for traffic within 20 minutes or so (depending on size).

Infrared repairs save money and are environmentally more effective than older methods. When preparing your budget, protect your spend and have Transblue Facility Services provide a free consultation and see how we can save your brand money with our infrared process and expertise.