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You have therefore refurbished your home expertly, repairing any structural issues while keeping the unique architectural characteristics of each space. However, something is still lacking. That something is probably color, the renovator’s hidden weapon.

Did you know that depending on how it contrasts with the walls, crown molding can make the ceiling appear higher or lower? Or the fact that a clever use of color may transform one space into a lively meeting spot and another into a tranquil area for reading in peace?

Color is utilized to help define interiors and provide focal points in largely featureless rooms in today’s open-plan houses, where the kitchen, living room, and dining room are frequently one enormous space. Of course, the challenge is in deciding which paint colors to use and where to place them.

How To Choose Interior Paint Colors

1. Create a Color Scheme That Matches Your Home’s Furniture

Pick three colors from an existing item in your home to start. The next step is to decide which of the three paint colors you want for your wall and reserve the other two for usage in fabric or furniture around the space. Take the same initial three color sample strips and choose a different color to choose the colors for nearby rooms. Choose a fourth hue that can be utilized as an accent as a final step.

2. Choose a finish to produce a visually appealing effect

After choosing your colors, think about the finish you’ll be applying. The traditional wisdom has long held that a satin finish, also known as eggshell, is preferable for walls because it is scrubbable and doesn’t highlight flaws, even if today’s flat paints have greater stain resistance. It was often believed that semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes were best reserved for trim, where they could highlight the curves of a molding profile or the panels of a door.

3. Match the color to the mood you want to create in the space

Paint industry specialists have a slight fascination with the psychology of color. Many people advise basing your color decision, at least in part, on how the area will be utilized and the vibe you want to create. co-founder and editor Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan advises painting public spaces (dining rooms, kitchens, family and living areas) warm colors like daffodil-yellow, coral, or cranberry and giving private spaces (home offices, powder rooms, bedrooms) cooler tones like sage-green, violet, or sky-blue.

Remember that one person’s welcome-home orange may be another person’s scramble signal when it comes to emotional impact.

According to Debbie Zimmer, “red will increase your appetite—and your blood pressure; blues and greens are nature-inspired and calming; purple is loved by children but not necessarily by adults; yellow is inviting; and orange can be welcoming but also a little irritating, depending on the tint, tone, or shade.”

Behr’s research suggests that yellow can stimulate the brain, so it can be worth considering for study spaces; however, stay away from yellow in beds, where the main objective is to unwind. Instead, experiment with these restful hues in your bedroom to improve your sleep.

4. Know Your Whites

There is an astounding diversity of whites. Whites that are pure and “clean” are made without coloured undertones. These are frequently utilized on ceilings to create a neutral field overhead and are preferred by designers wishing to display artwork or furniture.

The majority of other whites have undertones that are either cold (green, blue, or gray) or warm (yellow, rust, pink, or brownish). Use warmer whites in settings with little natural light or to make bigger spaces feel cozier, advises Mary Rice of Behr.

In contrast, cool whites can facilitate space opening. Try out a few at once to determine which one complements the other colors in the space the best.

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