10 Most Important Questions To Ask A Custom Home Builder

When constructing a luxurious custom home, there are numerous choices to be made. However, choosing a custom house builder to collaborate with is the most important choice.

Although there are many home builders, finding the perfect one who can fulfill every requirement on your careful list is difficult. To find the best fit, you’ll interview a number of custom house builders, but unless you’re a home builder, finding the proper questions might be frightening.

We’ve put up the following list of questions to ask a custom home builder to assist you in creating your list of interview questions.

How long have you been building custom homes?

You should look for a knowledgeable custom home builder. Ask a custom house builder about their years of experience when you conduct an interview with them.

At Transblue, we have been in the business of transforming lifestyles through landscape construction for over 17 years. We love helping people and we love doing a World Class job for every one of our clients. We never cut corners and see every project through to the end, whether it’s landscaping, asphalt or snow services.

How flexible or customizable is my house?

Find a custom home builder who is adaptable if you wish to make alterations to your home while it is being built. Through our integrated design process, at Transblue, our passion is to build beautiful projects and we believe in treating your home like ours. We truly care about your project and doing a great job for you. We listen, collaborate, and design. This enables us to turn your project and dream into a reality. Our goal is to always exceed expectations of our customers.

Will you be able to fix anything that breaks or stops working once I move in?

Make sure to inquire about your warranty period with your custom house builder. Once construction is complete, this will give you an indication of what they can fix or repair. Transblue provides one of the best after service support.

What licenses do you have? Are you insured?

While some states don’t require licenses for custom home builders, others do. However, it is beneficial to enquire about a potential custom home builder’s insurance and licenses.

How will we communicate while developing our unique home?

In the process of building a bespoke home, communication is crucial! Ask prospective custom home builders how they’ll keep you informed during the building of your dream home when you interview them.

Do you use contractors?

Do you want your home to be built by a custom home builder who hires subcontractors? Home builders like Transblue has a broad connections of contractors as being part of SIMA, a professional community of snow contractors, facility managers and insurance professionals. We help you forge professional relationships, train to best practices and standards, and ignite a passion for snow at your organization.

How are the costs for my custom-built home calculated?

At Transblue, our team of landscape architects and designers put your plans on paper to design a beautiful landscape. Our projects are cost effective and add beautification to your property, no matter the size.

Once the cost and plan is approved, our installation and construction team will provide you with a written time line and project schedule. At Transblue, we see your project through from concept to completion.

How long will it take from planning to finish?

Consider any important life milestones that might have an impact on when you wish to move into your new house. Ask your custom home builder if it’s possible to have your house finished in a year, for instance.

At Transblue, quality time matters. We make sure to meet expected deadlines after planning.

This is the place you watch your children grow up, the place where you laugh, the place you long to be after a long day at the office. This is your escape, where the world makes sense again, where you recharge.

What makes you unique compared to other luxury custom home builders?

To find out more about a custom house builder, ask them this fantastic inquiry! Find out what makes your builder special and how that might enhance your experience buying a custom home. Transblue takes a holistic approach to your project. We believe that each project is a collaboration of your vision and our expertise. Our teams will guide you through the process and ensure you love what your are building and your dreams not only come true but become an investment that returns not only ROI but that brings family closer together! Projects are not just beautiful materials and designs, they are birthday parties, BBQ’s, anniversaries and relaxing afternoons!

Do you have a portfolio of the finished custom homes you’ve built?

While some custom house builders offer tours of for-sale models, it’s possible that others don’t. Ask your custom house builder if they have a portfolio of images from homes they’ve built if they don’t have a model for you to view.

Transblue has been a trusted home builder and general contractor. One of our client was Pat Monahan, singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist of the band Train. Find out more about this project here.

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